Industrial & Commercial Fire Extinguisher Products & Services

Our fire extinguisher services can address all of your specific fire hazard needs - and ensure you are armed against any threats and are complaint with all local and federal laws.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association, which applies to USA and Canada) defines various requirements regarding placement and size of fire extinguishers – depending on various factors, such as distances and hazards, materials etc.

Fire-Alert Technicians can advise in these matters.

We will ensure you are  compliant with municipal, provincial, and federal requirements.


Different types of extinguishers use different agents. Many use various powders. First4Safety Technicians ensure that powder used in fire extinguishers is disposed of through certified agencies to prevent environmental contamination.

We are committed to assisting our industrial and commercial customers in meeting these legal requirements and make them as painless as possible.....and to ensure you are compliant.

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