Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are required to be inspected and maintained every six months.

According to NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), any work on a fire suppression system is to be done by a trained individual who has undergone the necessary training required to perform the maintenance and recharge service as per manufacturers’ instructions.

Modern commercial Kitchen Fire Protective Systems are automatic suppression systems installed directly over the commercial cooking equipment in kitchens. These are installed amongst the wide exhaust hoods used to extract the hot oil and grease fumes produced during meal preparation. The constant exposure of grease and hot oils through the exhaust fan can cause the kitchen's Fire suppression system to become coated with oils and grease. This can lead to clogging and sometimes a complete blockage of the systems spray nozzles which can prevent effective deployment of the extinguishing agent when the fire suppression system is activated.

Kitchen Fire suppression systems used to be dry chemical systems. However, with much more cooking these days being done with vegetable oils and higher cooking temperatures, these are less effective than the modern wet chemical systems.

Commercial kitchens that have dry chemical fire suppression systems must be replaced with a wet chemical system equipped with an automatic fuel shut-off that stops the flow of gas or cuts off electricity to all the appliances once the fire suppression system is tripped. The system should also automatically trip or activate the building’s fire alarm system. A Class K fire extinguisher should also be located nearby.

Wet chemical systems deploy an agent that forms a foam that covers the fire. This rapidly cools the burning fats and starve the fire of oxygen, thereby extinguishing and preventing re-ignition.

Fire-Alert HHM (Halton Hills & Milton) will provide a technician certified by the FSSA (Fire Suppression Systems Association.)

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