Fire Extinguisher Repairs / Maintenance


Fire extinguishers are mandatory in commercial businesses, churches, offices, doctor’s offices, dental clinics and other medical facilities, as well as galleries and retail stores, etc.


Fire extinguishers often go forgotten, and people assume someone else is responsible for them, and knows how to operate them. Those assumptions are often incorrect.

Consequently, fire extinguishers can still be hanging in their correct location, but can be of no use. They do contain compressed gas – that is required to propel the agent when the trigger is operated. The gases are always non-flammable of course, and fire extinguishers do not explode.


Fire extinguishers do have moving parts, and these can fail. Also, because they require compressed gas to expel the agent, they need an O-ring to form a seal. These rubber seals can deteriorate in time. When this occurs, it will likely result in a slow loss of pressure which makes the fire extinguisher no longer operable.

They can be knocked off the mount or wall, and can have bent parts such as pins or triggers etc. A fire extinguisher is also no longer certified and compliant if it is missing its tag.


By law, fire extinguishers (all types) must be inspected (and certified) by a certified technician every 12 months. On a successful inspection, a tag will be attached to the fire extinguisher.

First4Safety technicians have an inventory of parts and may be able to repair your fire extinguisher in our mobile van, if any of these conditions exist. If our technician can not repair your fire extinguisher, they will discuss alternatives such as replacing it or repairing it at our facilities.


Some fire extinguishers are kept outside so they tend to corrode much quicker than those kept inside. Gas stations are a good example. Corrosion, deterioration of O-rings, loss of pressure, and any other damage are reasons why an annual inspections are required by law.


One of the most common fire extinguishers is the “ABC” fire extinguisher. These fight most of the common classes of fire.


By law, as well as being inspected every 12 months by a certified technician, every 6 years ABC fire extinguishers need to be emptied, serviced (new O-ring installed), tested, refilled and recharged – and then certified.

Every 12 years, ABC fire extinguishers also need to undergo a “Hydrostatic” test. The 6 years service (mentioned above ) is performed, but they are also filled with water and pressure tested. This is to identify any small holes, cracks or splits that cause it to lose pressure when armed.


Some other types of fire extinguishers require services at different intervals. First4Safety can guide you on requirements to keep you compliant, and safe!

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