Brooks’ MARK SERIES FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINETS better fit today’s extinguisher sizes.


Cabinets feature injection molded ABS plastic construction, so they are dent-, rust-, and corrosion-proof. Each cabinet comes with a brass lock, a plastic cover, and a screen printed pictogram on the side.


With no glass to break, there is no breaker bar to lose. Because they are light and nest easily together freight chargers are a fraction of what metal cabinets can cost.


Choose from three sizes:

  • Mark I Jr. Cabinets for extinguishers with a maximum height of 16¾”

  • Mark II Jr. Cabinets, 20”

  • Mark II Cabinets, 24”.


Note: The Mark II will not hold a 20 lb. extinguisher.


  1. ABS Plastic Construction

  2. Complete with Brass Lock, Plastic Cover, Installed Labels

  3. Costs less than metal cabinet

  4. No glass to cut. No special tools required, no breaker bar to get lost or stolen

  5. Dent, rust and corrosion proof




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